The Perils of the Secure Mantrap

January 17, 2014 John Herbert 2

A number of years ago, I visited Telehouse in London’s Docklands. Telehouse, if you don’t already know, is a huge data center colocation facility and, for my purposes, was also the home of LINX, the […]

Go Home, Dropbox – You’re Drunk

January 11, 2014 John Herbert 0

or… Drop(The Ball)Box – How To (Mis)handle An Outage Late on Friday (January 10, 2140), Dropbox apparently experienced a service outage. If I am to believe the noise on Twitter, it was a globally-impacting unavailability […]

Juniper EX Virtual-Chassis Host-Name

January 10, 2014 John Herbert 2

Let’s assume that you are creating a Juniper virtual-chassis switch using, say, three EX4200s. Should you configure a host-name that represents the whole VC, or should you have names for each individual member of the […]

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