My Lexicon: Fexen

October 12, 2017 John Herbert 0

Fexen (noun, pl.; pronounced¬†Fex-uhn) Usage “Do we have any copper FEXen on those switches?” Explanation Fexen is the plural of FEX (the Cisco Nexus Fabric Extender modules). Oh, I know, “FEXes” is just as easy […]

My Lexicon: Nexii

October 10, 2017 John Herbert 1

Nexii (noun, pl.; pronounced¬†nex-eye) Usage “I have built a leaf/spine fabric using Nexii.” Explanation Nexii is the plural of Nexus, obviously. To talk about “Cisco Nexuses” is ugly. Referring to “Cisco Nexus switches” is syllabically […]

My Lexicon: To Prop Up a BGP Route

November 16, 2012 John Herbert 0

Reading Greg Ferro‘s regular entries to his Network Dictionary, I’m reminded that I occasionally get accused of making up my own terminology. Sometimes though, there’s not a nice clean way to describe the thing you […]