John Herbert

Hello. My name is John Herbert and I like to move packets.

That’s a pretty broad statement perhaps, but it does rather neatly reflect the fact that the networking world encompasses a wide range of technologies and tools all ultimately in support of connecting two end points over some kind of network. What form that network takes is part of what keeps me interested because it seems it’s an ever-changing landscape of protocols, technologies, vendors and architectures.

This site, then, is my outlet for views, reviews, news and anything else that grabs me in the world of moving packets.

This site was until January 2015 known as LameJournal, but I figured it was about time for a site with a “grown up” name that stayed focused on networking, without the occasional forays into amateur photography. If you see any references to LameJournal, you’ll know what’s going on, then.

While my day job focuses on networking, anything I write here is my own opinion and should not be taken to have any relationship to my employer or my employer’s opinions. Nothing here is sanctioned or reviewed by my employer, nor are any opinions paid for. In the rare case where there might be a potential conflict of interest, you can be sure it will be noted in the relevant post. Please take a moment to read my Disclosures page.

I’m on Twitter as @mrtugs. Please do follow me, and say hi!


If you need to contact me, please use the form below. However, if you’re intending to ask me if I accept guest posts, let me save us both some time; I do not.

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