CLI Shortcut for Visual Studio Code on MacOS

I really do like Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code for editing code, so much so that I can forgive it for being an electron app. However when I code in go, the way the go’s syntax validation works means that each app folder needs to be opened in its own Visual Studio Code window – and as somebody supremely lazy I find this to be an irritating thing to have to do.

Opening a Folder in a New Window

It’s not actually that big of a deal, but having to execute File->New Window, then File->Open Folder…, then browsing to the folder I want to open often feels clunky and superfluous when half the time I’ve already browsed to that folder in the shell. So here’s the dumb shortcut which makes my life easy on MacOS:

"/Applications/Visual Studio" --new-window "`pwd`"

So now if I’m in a folder I can just enter the command vsc and a new Visual Studio Code window opens focused on my current directory.

Stupidly simple, yes, yet I use it multiple times a day and I’m remarkably happy about it. It takes all sorts, I guess.

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  1. You can simply install vscode into $path (there is command palette function for that if it didn’t installed itself automatically). You can then just type “code .” and vscode opens in current working directory

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