IOS Errors – Wood, Trees etc.

November 9, 2012 John Herbert 2

Today I’m sharing a “duh” moment that I think needs to be recorded partly for comedy value and, perhaps, partly to save somebody else the same fate. It’s one of those “it’s right in front […]

Spirent iTest Lab Optimizer

November 7, 2012 John Herbert 5

Spirent’s presentation at Networking Field Day 4 covered three main products: Spirent Studio Security, Spirent iTest Lab Optimizer and Spirent Axon. In this post, I’ll take a look at iTest Lab Optimizer – Spirent’s new […]

The Five Stages of Network Hacks

November 3, 2012 John Herbert 5

I’m stating the obvious here perhaps, but every time a temporary solution to a network problem is proposed, I feel morally obliged to laugh and say “And by ‘Temporary’, you mean ‘Permanent’.” This usually leads […]

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