Juniper EX Virtual-Chassis Host-Name

January 10, 2014 John Herbert 2

Let’s assume that you are creating a Juniper virtual-chassis switch using, say, three EX4200s. Should you configure a host-name that represents the whole VC, or should you have names for each individual member of the […]

Junos PyEZ in Interactive Mode

January 1, 2014 John Herbert 2

Watching Jeremy Schulman demonstrate his Junos PyEZ module is fascinating, because he does pretty much everything in Python’s interactive mode. I’m more used to writing a script, trying to run it, editing it again, running […]

YAML – Yet Another YAML Lover

December 17, 2013 John Herbert 2

Sorry to keep on with the Junos EZ library stuff, but I’ve been having a lot of fun getting good results with minimal effort while playing with Jeremy Schulman’s Junos EZ Library. This week I […]

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