When Cisco Bug Toolkit Sorts A List

Cisco Bug Toolkit

Just a quick post tonight. I’m having some fun at the expense of Cisco’s Bug Toolkit, although honestly I’m not entirely sure whether to laugh or cry.

Bug Toolkit is pretty straightforward – it allows you to search for known bugs in Cisco software by putting in the version of code you want to check (or choose ‘ANY’) and the keyword you are looking for. As a tool it has improved steadily over the years in terms of speed and reliability, although thinking back on how it used to be, I may be setting the bar pretty low. Either way, if you’re troubleshooting a strange problem on a Cisco device, it’s an invaluable way to find out if it’s actually a bug or not.

So why the post?

Bug Toolkit Can’t Sort

That’s a little unfair, but I did find one thing that really does need some work. To enter the version of code you are running, the web page has drop down lists (a combo box) where you choose the relevant version. For IOS this is pretty simple – you choose the major version from a nicely reverse ordered list (most recent IOS at the top). For NX-OS though, you use a different drop down list, and here’s a snapshot of the drop down:

Cisco Bug Toolkit - Version Drop Down

The sort order is … curious at best. It starts with 6.0 at the very top, works its way down to 1.0 (as seen here), then starts again from 5.2 and works down a second time. The observant among you will also note that there is also some duplication in the list – 4.2N is shown twice here, as is 4.1N. Naturally – because this is how things always work out – I had logged in to check for a bug in 4.2N, so I have no idea which one to choose.

Whine over 😉 Told you it was short…


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