The Joy of SRX – Fun With Redundancy

August 30, 2013 John Herbert 3

Today’s learning experience was with the Juniper SRX3600, and discovering that sometimes simple things can give your brain a chance to stumble. Imagine, if you will, an SRX3600 cluster (Active/Passive) connected to the upstream device […]

An Ode to Lewis Carroll

August 17, 2013 John Herbert 2

You may recall that I have a Juniper EX3200 running at home (acting as the “core switch” in our home network). I have been putting off doing a much-needed Junos OS upgrade for, well, years […]

Solarwinds Thwack Ambassador Redux

August 16, 2013 John Herbert 1

As I mentioned recently, I was a Solarwinds Thwack Ambassador¬†for July 2013. This involved writing four posts on the Thwack community forums on the subject of IP Address Management (IPAM). I had some fun, so […]

Solarwinds – A Lot of Hot Air?

August 12, 2013 John Herbert 1

Back in March, Solarwinds presented at Networking Field Day 5 (NFD5), where they gave us an overview of their network management products. Then last month I was engaged by Solarwinds as a Thwack Ambassador, where […]

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