An Ode to Lewis Carroll

Juniper EX3200 with, uh, tusks

You may recall that I have a Juniper EX3200 running at home (acting as the “core switch” in our home network). I have been putting off doing a much-needed Junos OS upgrade for, well, years now. Finally the time has come to pull my finger out and get it done.

And so in honor of this momentous event, I offer you this small ode to Lewis Carroll. And, if he were alive, I’d also offer my sincere apologies.

The time has come,” the husband said,
To fix the switch of blue:
The Juniper — that poor old thing —
Is running 9.2!
And we all know, I tell the truth,
That code’s as old as you.”

But wait a bit,” the good wife said,
You’ll break the Internet!
If I can’t finish up my work,
I will be quite upset.”
No hurry!” said the husband good.
I’ll wait ’til you’re all set.


Junos 9.2 is, as the saying goes, a little long in the tooth now. Get it? Yup; a walrus joke. You’re welcome. 😉

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