Networking Field Day 17 (NFD17) Redux

January 26, 2018 John Herbert 1

As I write this it’s Friday afternoon in Silicon Valley, Networking Field Day 17 (NFD17) is over, and I am truly exhausted after a week of presentations covering topics like Ethernet switch hardware, testing/simulation and […]

Decoding LACP Port State

October 17, 2017 John Herbert 1

It’s frustrating when the output to a show command gives exactly the information needed, but in a format which is unintelligible. So it is with the Partner Port State field in the NXOS show lacp […]

Juniper NXTWORK2016 – Quick Review

October 7, 2016 John Herbert 0

What to say about NXTWORK2016, Juniper’s second customer conference? In short, I’m impressed. The San Jose Marriot was once again the venue for the two-day NXTWORK conference, but this year things were clearly scaled up […]

Juniper EX4550. EX1113. EX063. What?

May 5, 2015 John Herbert 3

I came across some weird behavior (I think) in Junos recently. Nothing major, but an annoyance nonetheless. Juniper EX4550 Let’s check out some statistics on this beautiful looking EX4550 stack, shall we? john@EX4550> show pfe […]

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