Easter Eggs and Software Design

Easter Bunny

Happy Easter, if you celebrate such things, and Happy Sunday if you don’t.

Filled with the kind of happy optimism that can only be brought about by flashback-triggering visions of an oversized rabbit who excretes chocolate eggs, today I’d like to pose a brief but significant philosophical question that touches on user interface design, user requirement gathering, software development and network engineering all at the same time.

Why, in most implementations of nslookup, do the cursor keys not work?

Can anybody give me a good reason?

Easter Eggs

On that note, I did check to see if there was any kind of secret Easter Egg in nslookup on my Mac. Here is the result when I tried a very common back door sequence:

> ^[[A^[[A^[[B^[[B^[[D^[[C^[[D^[[CBA

Fail Stamp

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