DNS Naming Unconventions

July 9, 2013 John Herbert 7

Earlier today on Twitter, Tom Hollingsworth (@networkingnerd) raised the subject of naming conventions. He’s right that having something in the device name that clues you in to where it’s located is really helpful when you’re […]

My Lexicon: To Prop Up a BGP Route

November 16, 2012 John Herbert 0

Reading Greg Ferro‘s regular entries to his Network Dictionary, I’m reminded that I occasionally get accused of making up my own terminology. Sometimes though, there’s not a nice clean way to describe the thing you […]

The Five Stages of Network Hacks

November 3, 2012 John Herbert 5

I’m stating the obvious here perhaps, but every time a temporary solution to a network problem is proposed, I feel morally obliged to laugh and say “And by ‘Temporary’, you mean ‘Permanent’.” This usually leads […]

Networking Field Day 4

October 8, 2012 John Herbert 0

In about 18 hours I fly out to California for Network Field Day 4. I was honored to be contacted recently and invited to be a delegate for Gestalt IT’s NFD4. I’m excited to have […]

Test Your Troubleshooting Skillz

August 16, 2012 John Herbert 11

Image courtesy of Ambro /¬†FreeDigitalPhotos.net Here’s a quick test of your psychic troubleshooting skills. I’ll give you a real life scenario, and you try to figure out what’s wrong. Sound like fun? Go on, give […]