Secret Sunday – Mike Bushong

October 19, 2014 John Herbert 0

This Secret Sunday post is definitely overdue; today’s geek on the block is Plexxi’s Michael Bushong. I believe I met Mike back at Networking Field Day 5 when Plexxi presented to us. Putting aside that we were […]

IPv6 and SDN – Adoption Buddies

June 2, 2014 John Herbert 1

I was talking elsewhere this week about the speed at which Software Defined Networking (SDN) is being implemented by companies and made a slightly pessimistic comparison between the adoption of SDN and that of IPv6. […]

NFD7 Day 1 (Wednesday)

February 19, 2014 John Herbert 0

It begins today! Networking Field Day 7 (NFD7) is kicking off with three sponsor presentations today, and we hope you’ll join us too and share your thoughts and questions via Twitter.

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