Juniper MX – The Unicorn SDN Gateway

November 5, 2013 John Herbert 0

A quick thought for the day. Last week Juniper announced their new Metafabric Architecture which includes the “SDN-ready MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers.” They continue: Universal SDN Gateway: MX Series routers deliver the most advanced […]

SDDC Buzzword Bingo

October 30, 2013 John Herbert 3

Step right up! Get your Software Defined Data Center right here! Listening to vendor presentations recently I have been saturated with a few words-du-jour, so I thought I would make a game out of it […]

15 Minutes, Puppet and a Screwdriver

March 11, 2013 John Herbert 2

Last week the delegates at Networking Field Day 5 met with Cisco, and we had a great set of presentations and discussions throughout the day. None however equaled the discussion on “Openflow vs Cisco onePK” […]

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