Those Pesky Active BGP Sessions

August 20, 2012 John Herbert 2

You’re troubleshooting a routing problem; you check BGP and the neighbor shows as active. Great, let’s move on and look somewhere else. Right now a good proportion of you should be shouting at your screen […]

Test Your Troubleshooting Skillz

August 16, 2012 John Herbert 11

Image courtesy of Ambro /¬† Here’s a quick test of your psychic troubleshooting skills. I’ll give you a real life scenario, and you try to figure out what’s wrong. Sound like fun? Go on, give […]

What Does It Mean To Be A CCIE?

August 14, 2012 John Herbert 10

What does it actually mean to have passed the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert exam and get those ‘digits’ (your CCIE number)? Fame, glory, and billions of dollars await! Well…

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