LLDP Neighbor Of The Beast

Nexus 5020

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make your day. My tidbit for today relates to NXOS 5.0(3)N2(1), and LLDP neighbors.

LLDP Neighbors

There I was, innocently checking on lldp neighbors on an access switch, and I checked the command syntax quickly:

acsw666# sh lldp nei ?
  >          Redirect it to a file
  >>         Redirect it to a file in append mode
  detail     Show lldp neighbor detail information
  interface  Show lldp neighbor information on an interface
  |          Pipe command output to filter

Ok, I will view the neighbor information for one of my interfaces:

acsw666# sh lldp nei int e1/30
ERROR: No neighbour information

Isn’t that adorable? As if to prove that development is truly international, “neighbour” has been spelled the English way in the error message, but not in the inline help. Well, it made me smile anyway; it added some colour to my day.

Cheerio, then. 🙂

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  1. dammit john, i can’t believe you’d tease us with ‘sh lldp nei’ in this context.

    which spelling does the CLI accept?

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