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Multi-Page Posts - Your Opinion Please? - MovingPackets.net

Multi-Page Posts – Your Opinion Please?

Real quick one here. I know that some of my posts are, uh, a little on the long side. That isn’t likely to change any time soon, so what I’d like to ask you, dear readers, is how you feel about multi-page posts – i.e. you read down, then there’s a page selector to push to the next part of the post. I can’t imagine that normally I’d ever exceed 2 pages, but I can’t figure out if using this capability is a good or a bad thing.

How do you feel about it? Do you hate when blogs split posts over 2 or more pages? Or do you prefer breaking it up into manageable chunks?

I appreciate your opinions -thank you!


Update 5/31: The votes are in, and I hear you loud and clear! Between here, Twitter and Facebook the unanimous opinion is to avoid pagination and, where appropriate, just split a long post into two separate posts if it helps. Thank you – your wish is my command!

12 Comments on Multi-Page Posts – Your Opinion Please?

  1. No to multiple pages. If it really is that long that it needs multiple pages maybe break it into separate articles. But I just get annoyed with multiple pages as I think they only exist to generate ad impressions.

    • Well in my case, I don’t have ads so you know that’s not my motivation! Opinion gratefully received – thank you.

    • Like Steve says, if you find it running long you should ask yourself if you have multiple articles on your hands. This happens all the time to me: I’m writing something and I realize that my 3 bullet points just became 3x 3000 words. So it’s time to split it up.

  2. Just to add my voice to “scrolling is better”. The web is not a book, the only reason to have multiple pages to to facilitate linking to a particular page with specific information (for example review sites that break the review into sections).

    Thanks for asking the question!

  3. I like single page posts. When they get into multi-page, you have to start to wonder if you have too much information you are trying to share. Sometimes those posts are better as a series versus one long-winded post.

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