Prophylactic Network Security

March 28, 2016 John Herbert 1

This week’s comedy gold was listening to a conversation emanating from a nearby inhabitant of our corporate cube accomodations, where one of my colleagues, Bob, was explaining to another coworker, George, the reasoning behind the […]

California Nurds by Katy Sperry

March 27, 2016 John Herbert 0

California Nurds I know a place Where the tech is truly awesome Smart network folks; all clustered inside CA’s borders Cablin’ guys and gals Running fibers to the servers. We’re all hard core geeks, we […]

Netflix Flies In The Clouds

March 9, 2016 John Herbert 0

Last month, the announcement was made that after seven years, Netflix completed its move to the cloud. While offering my sincere congratulations to Netflix, it begs the question what chance smaller companies have of moving […]