Netflix Flies In The Clouds

March 9, 2016 John Herbert 0

Last month, the announcement was made that after seven years, Netflix completed its move to the cloud. While offering my sincere congratulations to Netflix, it begs the question what chance smaller companies have of moving […]

A Look Back at ONUG NYC 2015

June 15, 2015 John Herbert 0

I had a great time at the Open Networking Users Group meeting in NYC last month. Shortly afterward, I took a moment to think back on what I’d seen there, and that post was published on I […]

Liveblog from ONUG Day 2

May 14, 2015 John Herbert 2

Yesterday’s Liveblog was a success, so let’s try again. Today I’ll be covering the ONUG Town Hall meeting on the topic “Will the DevOps Model Deliver in the Enterprise?”, featuring such luminaries as: Najam Ahmad […]

Liveblog from ONUG Day 1!

May 13, 2015 John Herbert 1

We’re going to try out a new thing today – liveblogging from the ONUG Spring 2015 presentations here in NYC. If it doesn’t work, I apologize – but it’ll be fun trying!

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