When BGP Aggregates Go Badder

February 23, 2013 John Herbert 3

First, please accept my apologies for the terrible grammar in the title, but really, what better name could I use for a post that is the sequel to “When BGP Aggregates Go Bad“? Having learned […]

When BGP Aggregates Go Bad

November 14, 2012 John Herbert 6

I’m taking a coffee break (actually two, as I also created a diagram for this post) to quickly share today’s routing fun with you – a brief look at when BGP aggregates go bad. Or […]

Those Pesky Active BGP Sessions

August 20, 2012 John Herbert 2

You’re troubleshooting a routing problem; you check BGP and the neighbor shows as active. Great, let’s move on and look somewhere else. Right now a good proportion of you should be shouting at your screen […]