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GNS3 really is a great tool, and I use it quite often to simulate routed networks. I also use it at times just to quickly validate syntax (assuming I have the right IOS versions available). If you haven’t seen GNS3 before, check out their website.

To that end I find myself creating projects in GNS3 with exciting names like “onerouter” and “singlerouter” – the idea being that I’ll just have a single device that I can blat configuration into. There’s just one tiny problem

Hurr Durr

The issue I have is really simple:

All of my “single router” projects have more than one router.

This has been going on for years now, and I keep on doing it. And every time I open one of these projects I express surprise that there is not just a single router showing. In all the time I’ve been using GNS3, it hasn’t sunk in that rarely is a single router enough, and I will always end up adding at least one more.


My analysis reveals two obvious possibilities:

  • I can’t count
  • I’m an idiot

Thankyouverymuch. 🙂

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