So You Want To Code? It’s Only Logical! (Thwack)

How should somebody new to coding get started learning a language, writing code, and maybe even automating something? Where should they begin?

That’s the question I asked on the Solarwinds Thwack Geek Speak blog. In my post I look at what programming really is, and whether it’s going to be something that comes naturally, or will require a very conscious effort. Please do take a trip to Thwack and check out my post, “So you want to code? It’s only logical!“.

So You Want To Code? It's Only Logical (Solarwinds Thwack)


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3 Comments on So You Want To Code? It’s Only Logical! (Thwack)

  1. John,

    You forgot Windows batch:

    @echo off

    set answer=0
    set number_to_add=5
    set number_of_times=4

    for /l %%i in (1,1,%number_of_times%) do (
    set /a answer=!answer!+%number_to_add%

    echo !answer!

    And of course, Perl golf – I’m SURE this can be improved upon:

    echo 4 5|perl -ae “for(1..$F[0]){$c+=$F[1]}print $c”


    • I need perl -ane and single quotes (echo 4 5|perl -ane ‘for(1..$F[0]){$c+=$F[1]}print $c’) but otherwise, excellent job, Vin! Pickiness aside, thank you – I love seeing these!

      Of course now I’m wondering if I can improve your perl and win the Perl golf hole. Or we could go for obfuscation? Mmm, maybe not. 😉

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