Response: The Need For Stretched VLANs (@ioshints)

A recent post from Ivan Pepelnjak entitled Revisited: The Need For Stretched VLANs made me smile rather bitterly as Ivan dug into the apparent continued desire for stretched layer 2 networks and the reasons people give for the solution’s requirement and validity. I love a good bit of snark as much as the next nerd, so as you can imagine, I’m all over that post.

John Herbert, Expressing Extreme Disbelief At The Horror He Is Reading

However, I confess I did wince slightly – in the way one might do when an old wound is poked with a sharp stick – as Ivan made a passing sarcastic reference to Microsoft’s amazing Network Load Balancing technology: Revisited: The Need For Stretched VLANs

My mind was thrown back to the heady days of 2009 when I stumbled across another post from Mr Pepelnjak, this time entitled Turn a switch into a hub … the Microsoft Way which bemoaned the unadulterated stupidity of Microsoft’s attempt to use layer 2 network flooding to accomplish clustering. I had discovered the nature of this behavior at a previous client and had my mind blown by the very stupid and non-standards-compliant way in which this had been implemented.

The reason my mind went to that post, however, is because if I recall correctly it’s the first of Ivan’s posts that I ever commented on:

My Response To @ioshints about MS NLB

Once more, we prove the maxim that everything old is new again.

Thanks for the (slightly agonizing) trip down memory lane, Ivan!

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