Cisco Live 2011 – My Plan Of Record

The Cisco Live 2011 (Las Vegas) session scheduler opened today for NetVets; it opens to everybody else on April 26th (in case you are looking right now and perhaps can’t see it). I went in earlier to get my sessions lined up as early as possible, as I get very frustrated when I get wait-listed for a good breakout.

Meanwhile over on Twitter @Fryguy (who also has a great blog) had a great idea – a mutual stalking society facilitated by the publication of Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas class schedules. I’m all for sharing my personal information on teh intarwebz (hah), so I figure – why not? Be gentle with me if you see me; I bruise easily and don’t carry any cash.

On the schedule below, you can take the Keynote sessions as read, mostly; Chambers’ is usually great; Shatner mustn’t be missed; Padmasree Warrior… hmm, tough one. Three years ago I walked out after 10 minutes in horror. Two years ago I lasted 30 minutes before leaving. Last year I sat right at the front – so no escape for me. Sorry Padma – I should also let you know that I follow Carlos on Twitter 🙂 I wonder how this year will go?

Extra special thanks, by the way, to the UI genius that came up with Orange text on a Lime Green background for the session scheduler. My eyes aren’t having trouble focusing on that at all.


0800: BRKNMS-3021 Advanced Cisco IOS Device Instrumentation
(yeah right, I’m sure having arrived just after midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning I’ll be there bright and breezy).
1100:   EXAM Take CCDE Written
(I am not expecting to pass but hey, it’s free, so a nice way to try it out)
1500: BRKCRS-3035 Advanced Enterprise Campus Design: Virtual Switching System VSS)


0800: BRKDCT-9131 Mobility and Virtualization in the Data Center with LISP and OTV
1230: BRKDCT-2081 Cisco FabricPath Technology and Design
1600: BRKRST-2312 An Overview of IPv6 Routing
(this one is on the “might be replaced” list)


0800: BRKRST-2311 IPv6 Planning, Deployment and Operation Considerations
1230: BRKSEC-2006 It’s 2011, Why Do You Keep Getting Hacked?
(this is where I kick back and enjoy the ride)
1600: BRKDCT-3103 Advanced OTV – Configure, Verify and Troubleshoot OTV in Your Network


0800: PNLRST-4000 LISP Deployment Experience: Executive Panel
1030: GENDCT-4642 Town Hall: Data Center
1200: BRKSEC-2202 Understanding and Preventing Layer 2 Attacks in IPv4 Networks
1600: BRKRST-3046 Advanced LISP – What’s In It For Me?

It’s interesting – whenever I look at a Cisco Live schedule it looks like a breeze – 3 sessions a day (typically), plus sitting around in keynotes. It doesn’t sound like much. The sad reality is that by the end of Tuesday, I’m already tired, and by Thursday I’m pretty much exhausted (in a happy kind of way). Cisco Live is such a great source of information, but you really have to work hard to stay focused and take it all in (and it’s worth the effort, by the way).

Notably absent from my schedule are any service provider mobility (i.e. wireless provider) sessions. I think I will survive, although I will have find a way to catch up with the friends who are presenting them outside their sessions. It’s probably going to be a relief to them not to see my name on the sign up list, knowing I won’t be heckling from the front row 🙂

Now let’s see how long it is before I make my first schedule change…

Are there any awesome sessions I can’t afford to miss but don’t have on my schedule? Are any of these just low-level marketing exercises? Please let me know!

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