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Cisco Live 2011 Schedule Central (ish) - Lame Journal

Cisco Live 2011 Schedule Central (ish)

A pretty sizable bunch of people on twitter are going to Cisco Live 2011 in Las Vegas. Dane DeValcourt is very kindly keeping a handy list of those (so we all know who to avoid) on his “Cisco Live 2011 US – Twitter Users” page. I suppose I should probably add myself at some point, as you probably want to avoid me too.

Meanwhile, I’m not the only one posting my schedule, so as much for my own amusement/reference, here are a few I’ve seen so far. It’s very interesting seeing what other people have lined up, figuring out which sessions to keep a low profile in (erm, I mean, to look out for them so I can say hi :-)), and seeing the different technical focus that each of us brings.

In no particular order:

@mrtugs https://movingpackets.net/2011/04/19/cisco-live-2011-my-plan-of-record/
@networkingnerd http://networkingnerd.net/2011/04/20/live-with-the-nerd-my-cisco-live-2011-schedule/
@danedevalcourt http://www.devalcourt.com/2011/04/cisco-live-2011-schedule/
@fryguy_pa http://blog.fryguy.net/2011/04/20/cisco-live-2011-schedule/
@ghostinthenet http://yfrog.com/h2udurp
@ccie25655 http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/6871/
@tonhe http://routerjockey.com/2011/04/27/my-cisco-live-2011-schedule/
@okonovalov http://www.shrun.com/cisco-live-2011-2
@jeffpaz http://img857.imageshack.us/i/002vk.jpg
@amyengineer http://yfrog.com/h3l39jwj
@wfmaguire http://yfrog.com/gypp3nbj
@mfmahler http://twitpic.com/4qr958
@SomeClown http://blog.packetqueue.net/cisco-live-11-schedule/
@aconaway http://aconaway.com/2011/04/29/cisco-live-2011-schedule/

I’ll try and update this whenever I see somebody posting their schedule. If you have posted your schedule and want it linked in here too (I’d love to be nosy and see it), please tweet me or comment below.

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