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Handy Tip!

I have been resisting putting up a number of random bits of advice (mostly learned the hard way) over the last year primarily because I thought to myself “they’re too short, who wants to read a 2 line post?” and partly because I figured “Well, duh…that’s just obvious.”

And then I realized that not only would you probably appreciate a short post (compared to the usual essays), but obvious to one person isn’t necessarily obvious to another. So this is the first in what I expect will be a series of random tips that I’ll share going forward. When I think of something, I’ll spew it, and hopefully it’ll be useful to somebody!


If you’re running a router/switch/FWSM/ASA simulation on your computer (e.g. IOU or GNS3/dynamips/PEMU), and you have telnet windows open to your simulated devices, don’t then open a session to the actual production devices that you are simulating. It is WAY too easy to get the wrong telnet window and cause chaos.

Seems obvious, right? Bet you’ve done it some time 🙂

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