Juniper Data Center Rap Battle

Thanks to my colleague Bryan for sharing this gem with me and making my morning more interesting.

The Juniper Data Center Rap Battle

It’s a must see, in the same way that it’s a legal requirement to rubberneck when you go past a road traffic accident (or “Incident” – because “accident” implies that nobody is to blame).

Juniper Data Center Rap Battle

Click on the image to enjoy the Juniper Data Center Rap Battle. I watched all the videos this morning, and once I had cleaned the coffee from my computer screen, I began considering how I might do things differently given the chance.

Personally I would have brought in some ringers to the fight. Say for example, George Watsky:

or Mac Lethal:

Get these guys in a Juniper T-Shirt and let them have at it. Or engage the awesomeness of the Epic Rap Battles team:

Links may contain a few naughty words; it’s rap, right?

That’s how we do viral, my friends!

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