Microburst: Intent-Washing (See Apstra Fight Back!)

Apstra – the intent-based networking company – was thrilled, perhaps in a somewhat ironic sense, when Cisco announced just before Cisco Live 2017 US that the future was intent-based networking. I hear informally that their appointment book for meetings at Cisco Live was positively spilling over within just a couple of days. Intent-based networking had just been validated by the big guy in the room!

Apstra Logo

A few months later, and the evidence of intent-washing is all too clear, as some other vendors have begun labeling their SDN products intent-based so they can claim table stakes in the next big thing. In fact, I’m sure from Asptra’s perspective, Cisco was, and is, stepping on their toes too, and doing its own intent-washing to stay on message. If I were Apstra, I’d be none pleased to see my message devalued like this, but what can a company in this position do?

Apstra can fight back with a video featuring the bearded legend himself, Derick Winkworth (@cloudtoad), that’s what they can do. This is not to be missed:

This is pure gold. We shall never forget.

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