Refactoring Code: Fun With REST and JSON

August 1, 2014 John Herbert 1

Recently I’ve been writing some automation code for Atlassian’s JIRA project management / bug tracking product. Think of JIRA as a generic AGILE-aware tool that can provide everything from project tracking all the way down […]

This Is A Software Defined Blog Post

April 30, 2014 John Herbert 3

Hello. Are you: Sick of the onslaught of SDAs (Software Defined Acronyms)? Annoyed that “Software Defined” has become a meaningless marketing term? Irritated to see existing solutions rebranded as “Software Defined” to look cooler? Thinking […]

USB Connector Standards – Good Or Bad?

April 22, 2014 John Herbert 1

Back in 2009, a number of mobile phone manufacturers in Europe, including Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and RIM (Blackberry) agreed voluntarily to move towards a single charging standard for mobile phones, namely the MicroUSB […]

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