Juniper EX4550. EX1113. EX063. What?

May 5, 2015 John Herbert 3

I came across some weird behavior (I think) in Junos recently. Nothing major, but an annoyance nonetheless. Juniper EX4550 Let’s check out some statistics on this beautiful looking EX4550 stack, shall we? john@EX4550> show pfe […]

Proposed Junos XML Enhancements

September 24, 2014 John Herbert 1

I was looking at some Ethernet interface statistics last week when I realized I couldn’t find the output that confirmed the results of Ethernet Autonegotiation, just that autonegotiation had been enabled: john@noisy> show interfaces ge-0/0/0 Physical […]

Junos Mocks Me, Part III

January 29, 2014 John Herbert 3

In the continuing series of “Junos is just mockin’ me now” posts, here’s a recent Whiskey Tango from an EX4200 virtual-chassis running 12.2R2.4: {master:0}[edit] john@EX4200VC# load patch /var/tmp/change123 | error: session failure: unexpected termination error: […]

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