Proposed Junos XML Enhancements

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I was looking at some Ethernet interface statistics last week when I realized I couldn’t find the output that confirmed the results of Ethernet Autonegotiation, just that autonegotiation had been enabled:

It turns out that the information is there under “extensive” output, but it’s not obvious even when you stare at it because there’s so much other information shown:

For some reason as part of this exercise I decided to look at the XML output from the command as well. Predictably the same information is delivered but in a slightly different format:

Let me highlight the important bit from my perspective:

This is one of the most beautiful geek words I’ve seen in a while. Duplexity. Take a moment to wallow in the essence of that word; experience how meaningful it is, and embrace its technical awesomeness as it washes over your brain and spills out of your ears and nose. Duplexity. Say it with me. Duplexity.  *happy sigh*

Proposed Junos XML Enhancements

And so, in the happy daze of a vocabularic shot in the arm, so to speak, I found myself wanting more of the same nectar; additional little “easter eggs”; hidden gems in the output. Perhaps we can change some of the existing XML to be a bit more florid? I propose:

In particular I like that I can now hope that a link negotiaties to the correct speed by mentally begging it to “do the speedful“.

What say you?

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