Pointing The Thwack Spotlight At, uh, Me

Solarwinds Thwack

I’m very flattered to share that I was selected as a subject (victim?) for this month’s Solarwinds Thwack IT Blogger Spotlight article.

Thwack IT Blogger Spotlight Article

It was fun answering a few questions about blogging, and thinking about why exactly I do this (because it surely isn’t for the money, as most other bloggers will confirm).

If you haven’t already checked out Thwack, you should, especially if you use Solarwinds products. It’s community with a lot of bright individuals who are active in the discussions, which makes posting there a lot of fun. You may recall that last year I published some posts about IPAM on Thwack, and I was really delighted at both the volume and the intelligence of the response they got.

So there it is, if you’re interested in the what and why of me and LameJournal.


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