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Safari LogoOk, this is a stupid thing and I know I’m not the first to think it.

Apple, by any chance could you please allow us to color the entries on the Favorites bar? I’d also like to request that we can use just the favicon images as an alternative, but even if that’s a step too far, let’s get some color. Anything would be an improvement over the grey on grey (black on grey?) we currently have:

Safari Favorites BarWhen you start to line up a number of entries, having some way to group them is really, really helpful. I also like using the favicons in other browsers because it takes up less space but the target site is still clearly (and quickly) recognizable.

I like the Safari browser, but it’s frustrating when these little usability things have been delivered by other browsers like Firefox and Chrome, but are still lacking in Apple’s flagship browser. Come on, Apple, add this feature, please!

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