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Show Me The Route: FWSM Grumbles - MovingPackets.net

Show Me The Route: FWSM Grumbles


Time for a quick rant.

It’s possible that I am forgetting some trick I learned in the past (in which case I’m sure somebody can help me out in the comments), but why, on a Cisco Firewall Services Module (FWSM), is it not possible to do the equivalent of “show ip route a.b.c.d“?

FWSM Command Reference

In fact, I’m twisting the truth slightly. The Command Reference indicates that actually you can do this:

Show Route Command

In theory therefore, a command like this should work:

show route DMZ

Should. But doesn’t seem to.

The first problem I come across is that the command help on an actual firewall (running 3.2(17)) doesn’t match what the command reference says:

firewall/pri/act# show route ?
  ios Show IOS routing table
  statistics Show route statistics
Current available interface(s):
  INSIDE      Name of interface Vlan2
  OUTSIDE     Name of interface Vlan3
  | Output modifiers

So I must be missing something pretty critical here.

Anybody have a clue? Can you do this, or – as I fear – are we relegated to doing “show route | inc a.b.c” and hoping we don’t miss a bigger summary route when we scan the output?


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2 Comments on Show Me The Route: FWSM Grumbles

    • I do not have the FWSM available to me any more to be certain, but I believe – as the FWSM is a module in a 6500/7600 chassis – that the “show route ios” command shows you the routing table on the Supervisor (i.e. in IOS) rather than the one on the FWSM.

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