Secret Sunday – Greg Ferro

November 16, 2014 John Herbert 3

Just over a month ago I accepted Etherealmind’s “30 Blogs in 30 Days Challenge”, and this Friday I ‘m pleased to say that I completed the challenge without missing a day. It seems appropriate then that I […]

Secret Sunday: Microsoft’s Raymond Chen

November 9, 2014 John Herbert 0

Taking a little side-step from the normal networking-based Sunday hero worship, today’s Secret Sunday is a pointer to Microsoft’s Raymond Chen, sometimes referred to as “Microsoft’s Chuck Norris“. But John, you say, it’s Microsoft; why […]

Secret Sunday – Jeff Fry

November 2, 2014 John Herbert 0

Today’s Secret Sunday is a shout out to the excellent Jeff Fry, aka @FryGuy_PA on Twitter. Jeff blogs at where among other things he has previously broken the news on upcoming Cisco products a […]

Secret Sunday – Jason Edelman

October 26, 2014 John Herbert 0

That handsome visage is owned by Jason Edelman, the subject of today’s Secret Sunday. I’ve met Jason a few times through some Tech Field Day events like Networking Field Day, and most recently, at Tech Field Day […]

Secret Sunday – Mike Bushong

October 19, 2014 John Herbert 0

This Secret Sunday post is definitely overdue; today’s geek on the block is Plexxi’s Michael Bushong. I believe I met Mike back at Networking Field Day 5 when Plexxi presented to us. Putting aside that we were […]

Secret Sunday – Mr Ethan C Banks

September 21, 2014 John Herbert 1

This week’s Secret Sunday post is a pointer to a fairly well known blogger, Ethan Banks. Yes, he’s well known for co-hosting the popular Packet Pushers podcast and he is an all round good guy, but […]

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